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Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality: Renewable energy is the key to replace fossil fuel. #Hydrogen is the key to replace fossil fuel. Renewable energy such as the #sun and #wind can be utilized to produce H2. #PEM technology leads the future of hydrogen production.



Fuel Cell Topics: A New Union—Kewell Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai AI NEV Innovative Platform
On 8th October, a new union was formed after the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Kewell and Shanghai AI NEV Innovative Platform (abbr. ANIP).The ceremony was joined by top managers of both companies. Based on the agreement, the two companies will collaborate on three major fields which are testing technologies and equipment, hydrogen fuel cell lab controlling software, and test standards, fully unleashing and complementing their advantages in relevant fields.



A letter to Kewell partners and industry colleagues
Dear colleagues who care and care for Kewell:



IGBT Topics: Kewell Delivered the First Batch of Automated Test Workstations for IGBT Module Production Line
Kewell Delivered the First Batch of Automated Test Workstations for IGBT Module Production Line In the first half of 2021, we became the first company to supply to CRRC Electric Vehicle with IGBT test systems, signifying that our products can not only be test equipment but also be a part of the production line...
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What is IGBT? IGBT, aka. insulated gate bipolar transistor, is a type of power semiconductors. By acting as the “CPU” for power electronic devices, it plays a critical role in energy conservation and emission reduction.



Fuel Cell Topics: ISSUE NO. 101 High Lights in Fuel Cell Industry
Baicheng City issued the Task List of the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Outline of the Vision Goal in 2035, which pointed out that it should vigorously develop hydrogen production technologies, building a million-ton “hydrogen field” and creating the “hydrogen valley in north China”. By 2025, the annual hydrogen production will reach 120,000 tons. The output value of hydrogen energy industry is looking to reach 1.8 billion dollars. And the city will gradually become a guiding beacon for the industry with ten billion dollars worth value in China. On September 7, Hyundai unveiled the company’s planning for fuel cell vehicle development at the global online conference of Hydrogen Wave. In 2023, the third generation fuel cell system will be launched, available with both 100kW and 200kW specifications. In 2028, it will become the first automaker in the world to equip all its commercial models with fuel cell systems.



EV Topics: An In-depth Comparison Report between the Top 4 OEMs (Tesla, Li Auto, NIO, Xpeng)
An indepth-analysis on China EV industry by four scopes: Branding, Intelligent Technologies, Channel Marketing Strategies, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management. Lots of industry intelligence are revealed in this article by graphs, data, tables, and so forth.



IC Topics: TOP 10 Semiconductor Companies in Japan
Kewell is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the manufacture of test supplies. We adhere to independent innovation, drawing on the power electronics technology platform.



Fuel Cell Topics: Activation Process of Proton Electrode Membrane Fuel Cell
Fuel cell stack needs to be activated after assembly to reach the best performance state. Traditionally, there are two ways to complete the activation process, constant current and varying current.
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