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MX300D IGBT Dynamic Test System

.Turn-on test (Pon, Eon)
.Turn-off test (Poff, Eoff)
.Reverse recovery characteristics of diode
  • MX300D

Product Introduction

IGBT Dynamic Test System is composed of high precision programmable DC power supply, fixture unit, sampling & control unit, drive unit, protection unit, and supporting measuring instruments. With software independently developed by Kewell, the system provides a stable and precise platform to test the dynamic characteristics of IGBT.


  • Turn-on test (Pon, Eon)

  • Turn-off test (Poff, Eoff)

  • Reverse recovery properties of diode

  • Short-circuit characteristics

  • Gate-charge QG test

Product Advantages

  • Versatile test functions: single pulse test, double pulse test, and short-circuit test.

  • Process capability of low stray inductance.

  • Overcurrent protection and quick current-off capability.

  • High measurement accuracy.

  • Wide voltage output and multi-grade inductive load. Satisfy the diverse requirements of dynamic testing.

  • Real-time monitoring function, and data logging & analysis functions.

  • Test work-step and protection variables can be adjust online.

Typical waveform


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Models & Specifications


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