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E5000 Programmable DC Electronic Load

.Constant Current Dynamic (CCD)Load Mode
.Constant Resistance Dynamic (CRD)Load Mode
.Instantaneous Over-power Pulling
.High-speed Dynamic Mode
.Short Circuit Simulation
.CZ Mode
  • E5000

Product Introduction

The E5000 series is a compact high power DC electronic simulating characteristic of different load by control the conduction loss of MOSFET. Available in 60V, 150V, 600V and 1200V. 4U-size allows an input power of more than 6.6kW, with a maximum current of 600A and a maximum power of 66kW through parallel connection of power modules. Dual human-machine interface design, supporting both colour touch screen and button knob operation. Widely used for linear or non-linear load testing of communication power, server power, power electronics, power semiconductor devices, new energy vehicle power batteries, fuel cells, intelligent manufacturing, industrial motors, etc.

Product Advantages

  • Input power: 0-6.6kW(up to 66kW).

  • Current range: 0~600A.

  • Voltage range: 0~1200V.

  • Multiple operating modes : CV, CC, CP. CR, CC+CV, CV+CR, CR+CC, etc.

  • Master-slave parallel control, up to 10 units in parallel.

  • RS232 / CAN / LAN / USB / GPIB and external analogue control interface.

Software Interfaces


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Models & Specifications


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