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MX300S IGBT Static Test System

. Gate leakage current
. Collector cutoff current
. Collector-emitter voltage
  • MX300S

Product Introduction

MX300S-2000-3000 IGBT Static Test System is an automated test equipment. Composed of high voltage power supply, fixture unit, sampling unit, control unit, pulse current source and supporting measuring instruments. With software independently developed by Kewell, the system provides a stable and precise test platform to test the static characteristics of IGBT.


  • Gate leakage current

  • Collector cutoff current

  • Collector-emitter voltage

  • Threshold voltage

  • Saturation voltage drop

  • Pre-pinch off voltage

  • Diode voltage drop

Product Advantages

  • Multi-range, graded measurement: high signal detection accuracy.

  • Package compatibility test: up to 14 channels of automated testing.

  • High measurement accuracy.

  • Test fixture thermostat plate temperature range: room temperature ~ 200℃.

  • Kewell independently developed relay modules: long service life and fast test speed.

  • Fast PN code entry with the barcode scanner and automatic test report generation.

  • Real-time monitoring function, and data logging & analysis functions.

  • Test work-step and protection variables can be adjust online.

Software Interface

Customizable parameters that meet the versatile test demands of R&D. Test items can be edited and imported under production mode, highly efficient and convenient for production tests. Real-time display and recording of data and waveforms during the test. Automated generation of test reports.


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Models & Specifications


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