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  • S7000/S7100 Regenerative Programmable DC Power Source
    .Bidirectional DC source
    .Regenerative electronic load
    .PV Array IV Simulation
    .Battery Charge-discharge
    .Master-slave Parallel Operation
    .Battery Simulation
  • G6000/G6100 Regenerative Programmable AC Power Source
    .AC/DC 4-quadrant Output
    .Regenerative Electric Load
    .Transient Edit Function
    .Multiple Programming Modes
    .Waveform Programming Function
    .Comprehensive Protection
  • D1000 Battery Simulator
    D1000-EVS Series Battery Simulator is a regenerative DC power system that simulates the output state of batteries based on types,and serial/parallel numbers.
  • C3000H Programmable DC Power Source
    .DC Power Source
    .IV Simulation
    .Shadow Condition Simulation
    .Static & Dynamic MPPT Test
    .Master-slave Parallel Operation
    .Multi-work-step Configuration
  • D1000 Photovoltaic Array IV Simulator
    . DC source mode
    . Support parallel operation
    . IV curve simulation: daylight scaling, shadow etc.
  • A1000 Bidirectional Grid Simulator
    A1000-KAC Series is a high precision programmable grid simulator based on two-stage power conversion structure, with three-phase adjustable by each independently. It can simulate the disturbance from the grid such as voltage and frequency, as well as superposition of harmonics, low-voltage ride through, and flicker simulation. Ideal match for PV inverter, power conversion system, on-board charger, and wind power converter testing.
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