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FCTS-M Fuel Cell System(Engine) Test System

. Start up performance test
. Stable state performance test
. Dynamicresponse test
. Emergency stop performance test
. Insulation test
. System efficiency test
. Hydrogen utilization rate test
. Calculation of heat exchange power
. Weight and power density test
. Peak power test
. Durability test
. Shutdownstrategy test
  • FCTS-M

Product Introduction

The FCTS-M system is designed to provide a stable test platform for fuel cell engines. This system contains KDLF series fuel cell specific energy recycling DC electronic load, hydrogen supply unit, air supply unit (optional), cooling circulation unit, sampling control and protection unit, etc. The system test software is developed by Kewell independently. The system is used to test the function, performance, stability and safety of fuel cell engines, which is applicable to fuel cell engine R&D tests and end off-line tests.

Product Features

  • Complete safety control & monitoring:

  • Hydrogen concentration detector; Insulation impedance detection; Safety relief valve; Safe PLC

  • Three-level protection

  • Selected components

  • Debugging mode fit for R&D testing; Work step import triggers quick testing

  • Versatile test curves; Automatic data saving

  • Compatible with international standards; Flexible setting of protection parameters

  • Dual operation mode: Manual/Auto; Self-inspection before testing

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Models & Specifications


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