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D1000 Battery Pack Charge-discharge Test Power Supply

.Support customized test conditions by editable work steps
.Support work condition simulation test based on data import
.Support DBC file import & communication with all sorts of BMS
  • D1000-EBD

  • 1.1.3

Power Introduction

Based on the field of power electronics,EBD/EBDH Series Battery Pack Charge-discharge Test Power Supply is a bidirectional DC source integrating software simulation algorithm, measurement and control technologies. High voltage and current control accuracy. Low ripple output and fast current response. Can be used to test battery pack on charge-discharge performance, providing a versatile evaluation result including capacity, DC internal resistance, cycle life test, and battery temperature etc.

Power Advantages

  • Wide voltage & current output.

  • High accuracy & resolution.

  • High dynamic response in 2ms.

  • Multi-filter solution, current ripple<=0.2%·FS.

  • Support energy recovery to the grid at full power range, with power factor <= 0.99.

  • Standard communication interfaces including  RS485, CAN & LAN.

Software Interfaces


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