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C3000H/C3100 High Precision Programmable DC Power Source

.DC Source
.Parallel Operation, Master-slave Selection
.Multi-step Operation
.Multi-control in One Machine
  • C3000H/C3100

Product Introduction

The C3000H/C3100 series high precision programmable DC power sources offer an output voltage range of up to 1500V and an output power of up to 18kW, extendable to 180kW in parallel. The DC power source consists of AC-DC input controlled rectifier circuit, DC-DC circuit and control communication circuit. Phase shift full-bridge soft-switching technology enables power supply efficiency of up to 95%. High power density design in 3U dimensions to meet customer requirements for test sites. Ideal for automotive electronics, semiconductor testing, electrical device testing, etc.

Product Advantages

  • Power output range: 18kVW(up to 180kW).

  • Current range: 0~600A(up to 6000A).

  • Voltage range: 0 to 1500V.

  • 3U/18kW high power density.

  • 16-bit AD sampling for high control accuracy.

  • High set resolution, high accuracy.

  • High-speed programmable control interfaces.

  • Comprehensive protection functions: OVP/OCP/OTP/OPP.

  • Communication interfaces: RS485/RS232/LAN/USB.

  • Remote voltage compensation.

Software Interfaces


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Models & Specifications


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