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HETS-PWE-S PEM Electrolyzer Test System

. Polarization curve test
. Durability test
. Sensitivity test
. Online monitoring of hydrogen concentration in oxygen and oxygen concentration in hydrogen
. Activation test
. Consistency of cell voltage
​​​​​​​. Online monitoring of DI-water conductivity in anode

Product Introduction

The HETS-PWE-S series product is aimed at providing the PEM electrolyzer with an accurate and reliable test platform. The system consists of primary & secondary gas-water separation unit, gas concentration monitoring unit, gas cooling and dry unit, deionized water circulation system, pressure regulating unit, sampling and control unit and safety monitoring unit. The system test software independently developed by the company is used and it can meet PEM electrolyzer performance, durability, reliability and safety test. The system is applicable to the R&D, performance test and EOL test of PEM electrolyzer.

Product Features

  • Hydrogen & oxygen automatic back pressure control.

  • Quick temperature adjust function.

  • 10%~150% wide power range control capability.

  • Multiple operating modes (CV/CC/CP), with voltage, current and power monitoring and over-limit protection function.

  • Cell voltage monitoring.

  • Efficient gas-water separator design, including cooling, drying, filtering.

  • High accuracy of gas flow control, nitrogen purging, online monitoring of gas concentration, automatic DI-water replishment, coolant flow regulation, etc.

  • A variety of safety protection measures.

  • Data recording and analysis capacities.

  • Supports long periods unattended work.

Optional Functions

  • Water recovery function on the hydrogen side

  • On-line monitoring of oxygen concentration in nitrogen and hydrogen concentration in nitrogen

  • On-line monitoring of oxygen flow rate

  • Automatic water exchange function in circulating water

  • Voltage & current measurement at PEM electrolyzer input

  • Container

  • Other equipment, such as USP

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Models & Specifications


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