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S7000H/S7100H Regenerative DC Source-Load Power System

.Bidirectional DC source
.Regenerative electronic load
.PV Array IV Simulation
.Battery Charge-discharge
.Master-slave Parallel Operation
.Battery Simulation
  • S7000H/S7100H

Product Introduction

S7000H/S7100H is a high precision DC power system supporting dual mode-source and load-with energy regenerative feature. As a DC source, it supports dual quadrant energy flow. As an electronic load, it supports energy recovery to the grid.Highly  efficient in switching modes, featuring high power density. 3U-sized dimension enables it to power up to 30kW and output voltage up to 2000V. Support parallel operation of multiple machines. HMI is engineered to suit all your needs by offering two choices, colorful touchscreen and knob. Can be applied in battery testing, battery storage inverter tesing, electronic testing of EV etc. Comprehensive, efficient and reliable testing solutions for different types of products.

Product Advantages

  • Voltage output range: 0-2000V, support parallel operation of 20 machines(or more).

  • High power density: 3U/30kW

  • Smooth switching between DC source and load mode.

  • Bidirectional energy flow supporting energy recovery to the grid.

  • High accuracy, low ripple output voltage/current.

  • Standard communication interfaces: RS485/CAN/LAN/USB.

  • Comprehensive protection including OCP/OVP/OPP/OTP/input protection/island protection, etc.

  • Dual HMI design with knob and touch screen.

Test Waveforms


xiazai    xiazai1

Models & Specifications


xiazai    xiazai1

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