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  • D1000 Battery Simulator
    D1000-EVS Series Battery Simulator is a regenerative DC power system that simulates the output state of batteries based on types,and serial/parallel numbers.
  • D1000 Energy Recycling DC Electronic Load
    D1000-KDL Series Energy Recycling DC Electronic Load is a power conversion device based on power frequency isolation, and IGBT two-stage conversion architecture. The product features high accuracy, high dynamic response, high reliability, and energy recovery to the grid in full power range. Widely used in production lines (electric vehicle batteries, switching power supplies, linear power supplies), research institutions, automotive electronics, aerospace, ships and fuel cells and other industries.
  • C3000/C3100 High Precision Programmable DC Power Source
    .DC Source
    .Parallel Operation, Master-slave Selection
    .Multi-step Operation
    .Multi-control in One Machine
  • S7000H/S7100H Regenerative DC Source-Load Power System
    .Bidirectional DC source
    .Regenerative electronic load
    .PV Array IV Simulation
    .Battery Charge-discharge
    .Master-slave Parallel Operation
    .Battery Simulation
  • D1000 High Precision Bidirectional DC Power Supply
    D1000 High Precision Bidirectional DC Power Supply is a high precision DC power supply adopting two-stage conversion architecture, featuring high dynamic response, and bidirectional energy flow. Ideal match for E-motor (controller) testing, powertrain system testing etc. For E-motor testing, EVD can be used to simulate the overload capacity, efficiency, locked-rotor current, maximum speed, overspeed, and energy recovery performance of the electricmotor and controller.
  • A1100 E-Motor Emulator
    .Resolver simulation
    .Encoding disk simulation
    .Temperature simulation
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