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S7000/S7100 Regenerative Programmable DC Power Source

.Bidirectional DC source
.Regenerative electronic load
.PV Array IV Simulation
.Battery Charge-discharge
.Master-slave Parallel Operation
.Battery Simulation
  • S7000/S7100

Product Introduction

S7000/S7100 Series is a high precision DC power source(hereinafter referred to as S7000/S7100) supporting energy regenerative feature. As a DC source, it supports dual quadrant energy flow. High conversion efficiency and high-power density. 3U-sized enables it to power up to 30kW and output voltage up to 2000V. Support parallel operation of multiple machines. Human-computer interface: Colorful touchscreen and knob. Can be applied in battery testing, battery storage inverter testing, electronic testing of EV etc.

Product Advantages

  • Voltage output range: 0-2000V, support parallel operation of 20 machines(or more).

  • High power density: 3U/30kW.

  • Bidirectional energy flow supporting energy recovery to the grid.

  • High accuracy, low ripple output voltage/current.

  • Standard communication interfaces: RS485/CAN/LAN/USB.

  • Comprehensive protection including OCP/OVP/OPP/OTP/input protection/island protection, etc.

  • Dual HMI design with knob and touch screen.

Test Waveforms


xiazai    xiazai1

Models & Specifications


xiazai    xiazai1

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