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D1000 Photovoltaic Array IV Simulator

. DC source mode
. Support parallel operation
. IV curve simulation: daylight scaling, shadow etc.
  • D1000-IVS

  • 1.1.5

Product Introduction

D1000 Series Photovoltaic Array IV SimulatorD1000 Series Photovoltaic Array IV Simulator is a DC power supply based on power conversion technology, software simulation algorithm, and measurement & control technologies, featuring high accuracy and high dynamic response. It provides the turnkey solution to PV inverter testing on MPPT efficiency, especially for those of high-power levels.

Product Advantages

  • Wide voltage & current output

  • High accuracy & resolution

  • High dynamic response

  • Low ripple

  • High conversion efficiency: Max. 94%

  • Complete safety protection: OVP/OCP/OTP etc.

  •  Standard communication interfaces: RS485/LAN

Software Interfaces

DC source & IV simulation functions for static and dynamic MPPT testing.


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