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G6000/G6100 Regenerative Programmable AC Power Source

.AC/DC 4-quadrant Output
.Regenerative Electric Load
.Transient Edit Function
.Multiple Programming Modes
.Waveform Programming Function
.Comprehensive Protection
  • G6000/G6100

Product Introduction

G6000/G6100 series regenerative programmable AC power sources are programmable four-quadrant grid simulators for grid-connected PV inverters, power conversion system, bi-directional chargers, wind power converters, PV plants and other grid-connected products. High power density design with output power up to 18kVA in 3U size and voltage up to 450V(L-N), expandable up to 180kVA by master-slave parallel.  Also available with ±700Vdc DC output and the maximum current in DC mode is identical to the AC RMS value. With energy recovery function, energy can be recycled back to the grid. Dual human-machine interface design, supporting both colour touch screen and button knob operation.

Product Advantages

  • Power output range: 0-18kVA(up to 180kVA.

  • Voltage range: 0 to 450V (L-N), 0 to 650Vdc.

  • Current range: 3-phase (0 to 35A), single-phase (0 to 105A), DC (0 to 105A).

  • Supports single-phase, three-phase and split-phase output modes.

  • Supports AC, DC, AC+DC output modes.

  • Harmonics expandable up to 100 times @50Hz/60Hz.

  • Output fundamental frequency up to 5000Hz.

  • Up to 10 units in parallel operation.

Software Interfaces


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Models & Specifications


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