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D1000 Fuel Cell Specific Energy Recycling DC Electronic Load

. Static-state load modes: CV/CR/CC/CP
. Flexible setting of work steps for dynamic-state load mode
. Voltage/Current slew rates can be set
  • D1000-KDLF

  • 1.1.8

Product Introduction

The D1000-KDLF Series Fuel Cell Specific Energy Recycling DC Electronic Load is specifically developed for fuel cell stack and engine testing. It is a converter device based on two-stage IGBT power conversion structure of power frequency isolation type, featuring high reliability, programmable, and automatic operation. High-accuracy and high dynamic response. Support full power range energy recovery to the grid. A great match for low-voltage and high-current testing.


  • Communication heartbeat monitoring

  • Voltage\Current\Power slew rate can be set

  • Insulation detection

  • Current and power dynamic output mode

  • Satisfies near 0V and high current pull loads during

  • air starvation activation of stack

  • Four static load modes: CV/CR/CC/CP

  • Optional DC power supply function

  • DC overvoltage and overcurrent protection values can be set

  • External emergency stop interface, which can be linked with the

  • test system emergency stop function

  • Four quadrant operation (optional)

  • Available for EIS testing of high power stacks

Software Interfaces


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Models & Specifications


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