Hefei Kewell Power System Co., Ltd. is a company that provides comprehensive test solution and intelligent manufacturing equipment for various industries based on test power supply.

At present, we have three main product lines which are the test power supply, fuel cell test equipment, power semiconductor and intelligent production line testing. Downstream application includes the new energy power generation, electric vehicle, fuel cell, and power semiconductor industries etc. Thanks to the widely-used feature of test power supply, our products can also be applied in railway, automotive electronics, intelligent manufacturing, electromechanical device, aviation and aerospace, laboratory certification and so forth.

With years of experience in contributing to different industries, we are able to renovate ourselves through technological upgrades and integrate cutting-edge solution with industrial scenarios. We are proud that our products have been sold to many parts of the world including Asia and Europe. As one of the few Chinese brands who has entered the global market, it is true to point out that we are the leading brand for test supplies in China.

“Take on more responsibilities, Stay innovative, Keep improving” is what we believe in. Kewell is dedicated to becoming a world leading brand for comprehensive test equipment. We aim to provide you with professional products and services. Make testing precise and convenient!