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IGBT Topics: Kewell Delivered the First Batch of Automated Test Workstations for IGBT Module Production Line

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What is IGBT?

Power semiconductor is a segmented field of the semiconductor industry. It may not share the same familiarity as the integrated circuit does to the public, its importance cannot be overlooked.

IGBT is a type of power semiconductors. By acting as the “CPU” for power electronics devices and systems, it plays a critical role in energy conservation and emission reduction. An IGBT module is composed of insulated gate bipolar transistor (abbr. IGBT) and freewheeling diode (abbr. FWD) based on a bridge circuit design.

After encapsulation, the IGBT module can be directly applied to a wide range of industries including EV, HEV, frequency converters, industrial drive motors, wind turbines, PV devices, railway transportation, UPS, EV charging facilities, and house appliances etc. Energy conservative, easy installation, and superior heat dispassion features are what makes it a dominant object in the market.

Localized Production of IGBT Led to Growing Demands for Test Equipment

China becomes the largest consumption market for IGBT modules as the world production base began to transfer to the country. The large demands that came along with the surge of EV and HEV industries has led to the speed up of localizing production pace of IGBT modules.

IGBT dynamic and static test systems are critical to the R&D process of an IGBT module. In the early stage of the industry, companies had sought for test solutions from foreign brands such as LEMSYS and CREA. With the rapid growth of PV and EV industries in China, coupling with global trade situations, the localization speed of IGBT modules is literally at its peak.

Encapsulation Process of IGBT


What have we contributed to IGBT testing?

Delivery of the First Batch of Automated Test Workstations for IGBT Module Production Lines

Kewell started to lay out in IGBT testing in 2017. Over the past 3 years, our products have been proven by the market, and constantly contributing to the industry customers. In the first half of 2021, we became the first company to supply to CRRC Electric Vehicle with IGBT test systems, signifying that our products can not only be test equipment but also be a part of the production line. The production line test solution is a step up from individual test systems in several aspects, system integration, composition, and other technical requirements. A typical production line solution includes the dynamic and static test equipment, module grabbing and sorting, insulation and withstand voltage testing, high-temperature testing, loading performance, arch degree, and dimensional measurement etc.

IGBT Dynamic/Static Test Systems

2.3.1 MX300D Series IGBT Dynamic Test System_Lab_32.3.2 MX300S Series IGBT Static Test System

Product Appearance

Automatic Test Workstations for IGBT


Onsite Picture

The first batch of products have been delivered to the customer site for installation and commissioning. In the 4th season, more products will follow.

Continuous Investment in IGBT Module Testing

Now that we have the dynamic and static test systems, we can afford to think about extending to the encapsulation equipment market. A continuous investment can be expected. Our next move is to cover the heavy aluminum wire bonder.

So far, Kewell has successfully acquired a bonding equipment company with years of experience and technical accumulation in relevant field. After the integration, Kewell will take the advantage of being a listed company to fully support the R&D work of the company.

We are one of the first companies to present our own IGBT dynamic and static test solutions to the market. We will continue to root deep in the encapsulation market and provide you with more integrative test solutions.

We are dedicated to becoming a world leading brand for test power supplies & systems.


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