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Fuel Cell Topics: A New Union—Kewell Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai AI NEV Innovative Platform

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On 8th October, a new union was formed after the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Kewell and Shanghai AI NEV Innovative Platform (abbr. ANIP).

The ceremony was joined by top managers of both companies including Yu Zhuoping, Chairman and General Manager of ANIP, Ming Pingwen, Chief Scientist, Cao Hongbin, Deputy General Manager, Pan Xiangmin, Head of Laboratory from ANIP, Fu Shitao, Chairman of Kewell, Jiang Jiaping, General Manager of Kewell, and Ye Jiangde, General Manager of Kewell Fuel Cell Business Dept.

Based on the agreement, the two companies will collaborate on three major fields which are testing technologies and equipment, hydrogen fuel cell lab controlling software, and test standards, fully unleashing and complementing their advantages in relevant fields.

Established in 2018, Shanghai AI NEV Innovative Platform serves as a R&D and transformational function platform for the automotive field.

By acting as a cultivation field, the Platform provides top designing support to NEV industries under the scope of strategic development led by government. Labs have been built for fuel cell application, intelligent network, battery materials, and model wind tunnels, helping the growth of industry businesses and technological advancement.

Kewell is a comprehensive test equipment company based on test power supplies. We provide test systems and intelligent manufacturing equipment for various industries.

Our major product lines include the test power supplies, fuel cell test equipment, power semiconductor testing, and intelligent manufacturing equipment. Downstream application includes the new energy power generation, EV, fuel cell, and power semiconductor. Thanks to the universality feature of test power supplies, our products can also be applied in railway transportation, automotive electronics, intelligent manufacturing, electromechanical devices, aerospace, and laboratory certification.

Known for their high reliability and cost performance, Kewell quickly gained the recognition from top companies in fuel cell industry including CATARC, SinoHytec, SHPT, Refire Group, Sinosynergy, Weichai Power, and Yutong Bus.

The company’s main production base is located in Hefei City of Anhui Province in China. An R&D center was built in Nanjing in July 2019. Four operating centers are now in service around the country which are the Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Xi’an branches. Happened just this year, Kewell has invested 20 million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone.

Not long ago, the first group of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle exemplary cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong regions, has officially announced that the fuel cell industry has entered a new stage of development. Kewell, at the turn of the time, will continue to play its role as a test equipment supplier and usher in the new era.


We are dedicated to becoming a world leading brand for test power supplies & systems.


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