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Exhibition News: Highlights in PCIM 2021 Kewell Unveiled New Test Solutions for Power Semiconductor Industry

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During the 3-day event (9-11 September), we have witnessed the gather of top companies from the semiconductor industry, trading for information about power electronics technologies and application.

Questions have been raised and answered. In every in-depth exchange, Kewell was able to provide insightful feedbacks and turnkey solutions to industry customers instantly by revealing its research results, fully manifesting its capabilities in power semiconductor testing.

On 10th September, Vice General Manager Jiang (Power Semiconductor Business Dept.), was invited to deliver a speech on “The Opportunities & Challenges for Power Semiconductor Test Equipment” during the Power Electronics Application Forum, inspiring seats of participants and guests.

Hefei Kewell Power System Co., Ltd. (abbr. Kewell), is a comprehensive test equipment supplier providing versatile test systems and intelligent manufacturing equipment for various industries, based on test power supplies.

At present, we have three main product lines which are the test power supply, fuel cell test equipment, power semiconductor and intelligent production line testing.

Downstream application includes the new energy power generation, electric vehicle, fuel cell, and power semiconductor industries etc.

Thanks to the widely-used feature of test power supply, our products can also be applied in…

. Railway transportation;

. Automotive electronics;

. Intelligent manufacturing;

. Electromechanical device;

. Aviation & aerospace;

. Laboratory certification etc.

Kewell laid out in power semiconductor testing in 2018, launching the IGBT dynamic/static parameter test systems, and power cycling test system in success. Known for our product superiorities in both performance and reliabilities, Kewell quickly gained recognition from many industry-top customers.

At this event, Kewell has unveiled 3 major products…





We are dedicated to becoming a world leading brand for test power supplies & systems.


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