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Kewell Original: Kewell Introduces Turnkey Test Solutions for Power Semiconductors-MX300 Family-

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Kewell is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the manufacture of test supplies. We adhere to independent innovation, and immerse ourselves in the field of power electronics. We provide customers across industries with professional, reliable, and high-performance test power supplies and systems by integrating software simulation algorithms, measurement, and control technologies. In the meantime, we stay tune to power semiconductors and put forward testing solutions for the industry including: 

. MX300D IGBT Dynamic Test System; 

. MX300S IGBT Static Test System; 

. MX300C Power Device Thermal Property Test System


As a core component of semiconductor device, power semiconductor serves as the basis for power electronics technologies. Composed of diode, thyristor, and transistor etc., it is mainly applied in rectifiers, voltage regulators, switches, and frequency converters. Transistor alone can be sorted by three categories, IGBT, MOSFET, and bipolar transistor. 

The role of semiconductor device is solidified by its wide application across industries such as industrial control, new energy power generation, power quality management, auto electronics, charging piles, 5G communication, and data centers, particularly in the fields of high power/current/frequency/speed levels, and low noise.

Market scale of power semiconductors is looking to reach $44.1 billion dollars in Y2021, with annualized growth rate estimated to be 4.09% during Y2018-Y2021, according to IHS Markit. Industrial application alone took up 35.08% of the global market in Y2018, with automotive field taking up 23.55%. The second and the third place goes to the communication and consumer electronics. 

As the call for energy conservation and emission reduction grows stronger, power semiconductor application is no longer limited to the traditional industries. The process has begone that it gradually extends to new energy power generation, smart grid, railways, and house appliances.

The top 5 major application of power semiconductors in China are industrial control, consumer electronics, computers, and telecom. A promising market prospect awaits MOSFET and IGBT, in the next 5 years, according to IHS Markit. Their market shares are looking to ramp up thanks to the rapid development of new energy vehicles and PV industries. IGBT plays a strategically important role. It can be applied in motor energy conservation, railways, smart grid, aerospace technologies, house appliances, auto electronics, new energy power generation, and new energy vehicles.

The compound annual growth rate of IGBT in China was 14.52% from Y2012-Y2019. In the next 5 years, the compound annual growth rate is looking to reach 19.96% from Y2018-Y2025, with market scale growing continuously to reach $52.2 billion dollars at the end of the period, according to TrendForce. 

MX300D Series is a comprehensive solution to the dynamic testing of IGBT, capable of testing on & off characteristics, reverse recovery properties of diode, short circuit characteristics and gate-charge characteristics. 

The Series takes reference to IEC60747-9-2019, GBT 29332-2012 standards, and adopts jig of low spurious inductance and a high-precision oscilloscope, satisfying the versatile requirements of IGBT dynamic testing. It only takes less than 0.3s to complete a single test item. The stray inductance of the main circuit is lower than 35nH. In addition, the system can be installed outside the production line according to your needs.

MX300S Series is a comprehensive solution to the static testing of IGBT, capable of testing gate leakage current, collector cutoff current, emitter voltage, threshold voltage, saturation voltage drop, and diode drop. The system adopts high voltage power supply and pulse source along with a high-precision data sampling unit, satisfying the versatile requirements of IGBT static testing. In addition, the measuring accuracy of the system is accurate to pA level, with highly credible results if run for multiple times.

MX300C Series Full Package Ver. is a comprehensive solution to the thermal property testing of power device. The system features full package test functions including thermal resistance, power cycling, and calibration of structural function.

MX300C Series Power Cycling Ver. focuses on the power cycling test for power devices, offering higher economic values.

We are dedicated to becoming a world leading brand for test power supplies & systems.


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