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Kewell Original: Highlights of HG&H Annual Meeting 2020

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A grand event took place this week in Shenzhen City of China. The HG&H Annual Meeting (November 25-27) is one of the most expecting events in the hydrogen energy industry all year round. More than 800 participants, government officials, entrepreneurs, and investors have come from worldwide to gather here to trade insights and trends of the industry. 

In the morning of November 26, Peng Kai, the product director of Kewell, gave a keynote speech on “Challenges & Opportunities for High-power Fuel Cell Test Equipment” in a special session. Peng Kai believes that there are three key technologies that set the difference for Kewell. It is the ability to control humidification, backpressure, and cooling process of fuel cell engine and stack. “The test system must be built on a safe, reliable platform in order to ensure the smooth running of the equipment.” Peng Kai explained.

Since its establishment, Kewell has been focusing on the testing fields, developing various kinds of products to meet the diverse needs from the emerging industries. Their products have served in photovoltaic industry, automobile industry, and above all, the fuel cell industry. As a newly started terrain, the industry is yet to overcome some challenges lying ahead due to lack of experience and technologies. The initial models of fuel cell stack and engine were only at 10kW or so. So were the test equipment. It was in this moment that Kewell seized the opportunity to lay out in the relevant fields. A few years later, the company has mastered a number of patents and core technologies, putting forward test solutions for the industry.

At the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony on 27th, Kewell won the Fuel Cell Test Bench Crystal Ball Award with its flagship product “FCTS-S Series Fuel Cell Stack Test System”. It was also highly evaluated by the GAC Hydrogen Power Industry Research Institute.

How does Kewell succeed?

Started out as a test power supplier, the company has kept abreast with industry trends as well as government policies to provide truly useful products to its customers. With initiatives in place for new energy power generation, Kewell put forward the S7000H Series Regenerative DC Source-Load Power System for photovoltaic and energy storage application. For automobile industry, the company has presented the EVS Series Battery Simulator and EVD Series Bidirectional DC Power Supply for the OEMs. Given their rich expertise in power electronics, they have also marched into other new energy industries.

Kewell’s Products Application

a)Automobile Industry: Powertrain system/Battery/Charging pile/On-board charger/Motor controller testing etc.

b)Fuel Cell Industry: Stack/Engine/DCDC/Hydrogen circulation pump test systems etc.

c)Photovoltaic Industry: PV inverter testing

d)Power Semiconductor: IGBT dynamic/static test systems etc.

“In the future, Kewell will continue to respond to market trends with agility as usual, and honor our culture of “Take on more responsibilities, Stay innovative, Keep improving”.” Peng Kai concluded.

We are dedicated to becoming a world leading brand for test power supplies & systems.


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