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EV Topics: Midea Enters New Energy Vehicle Industry

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Sources revealed that Midea is planning to go deeper into the field of new energy vehicle, and a full march into it can be expected soon.

Currently, Midea has completed their business layout in the three core auto parts which are electric motor, control, and compressor. These include but not limited to drive systems, thermal management systems, auxiliary/autopilot systems and technologies, remote control of smart house appliances, and energy management systems, honoring their determination to develop a versatile, all around package solution to craft their own vehicle.

In fact, it is neither their first nor the only leap of business they make in recent years. Robots, industrial internet, elevator & smart buildings etc., are concrete proof for their innovation strength across industries.

Last April when Midea acquired Hiconics Eco-energy Tech, speculations have been about their ambition to step into NEV industry. This newly acquired company was later incorporated into its Mechatronics Division, realizing an organizational reform, making the giant group even bigger in size.

What’s the big deal about Hiconics Eco-energy Tech? Affiliated with Zhongguancun high-tech park, the company was started in Beijing in 2003. They are specialized in industrial automation control and new energy equipment, with business stretching over industrial automation, NEV, energy conservation and so on. In NEV field alone, Hiconics provides powertrain products, motor controllers, auxiliary power systems, intelligent charging piles, NEV rental platform construction and so forth. Among them, powertrain products stand in a competitive position in the market for it is well received by several major OEMs as part of their supporting system. Hiconics has also worked with Hurco Automation Limited Taiwan and universities to develop permanent magnet synchronous servo motor.

Back in 2018 when Mechatronics Division was not formed yet, Midea has set up an auto-parts company covering 3C, automotive and industrial automation. They placed their focus on developing high precision requiring core components such as compressor, motor, chip, industrial control, and cooling module to increase competitive advantage for their future march.

Mastering all the underlying technologies, “drive motor, energy conversion, thermal management”, German companies like Siemens and Bosch have utilized this advantage and crossed their business to automotive mechatronics equipment, as well as house appliances over the years. With the existing base of technologies Midea can drive innovation process in NEV parts as well. At present, their Mechatronics Division has laid out automotive parts with motor, E-control and compressor as the core, and product lines of drive motor, thermal management and auxiliary/autopilot systems. They have also collaborated with leading car companies on co-projects to contribute cutting edge technologies and key parts to these OEMs.

Mechatronics Division is the heart of Midea, pumping blood to the rest of its business divisions. It also provides a basis for them to transform the entire Group into a tech leading giant. Set up more than 10 R&D centers in Shunde, Hefei, Shanghai, Austria, India, Japan, and other places, with more than 1,400 R&D personnel, annual investment reaching up to 1 million USD, and authorized patents 4,500 above.

Another division that has got involved with its NEV business is the Smart Home Division. As we know of, electronic products and smart devices are the two things we can’t live without in 21st century. We use them at home, school, in office or even on transportation. Seeing this phenomenon, Midea seeks to help people integrate their lives even more by making their NEV smart, enabling remote control over other rooms or devices. This not only increases values to customers but also redefines our lives. Right now, Midea has engaged with 5 car companies on setting up house-car interconnection systems.

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