FCTS-S Series Fuel Cell Short Stack Test System

  • Polarization curve test
  • Sensitivity test
  • Stable state test
  • Dynamic operating condition test
  • Activation test
  • Durability test
  • System insulation test
  • Consistency of cell voltage
  • FCTS-S Fuel Cell Short Stack Test System

Product Introduction

The development of FCTS-S system is designed to provide a stable testing platform for fuel cell short stacks. The system contains energy-consuming electronic load, gas flow and pressure control module, gas humidity and temperature adjustment control module, cooling module, stack cell voltage detection module and sampling control and protection module, etc., it adopts the Kewell's self-developed system test software to test the output characteristics of fuel cell stacks under different working conditions; Based on online data monitoring and processing by fuel cell stack test system platform, the polarization curve, power curve and other characteristic curves of the measured cell stack can be analyzed to find the optimal output condition of the cell stack, and the output voltage of individual cells in the cell stack can be monitored. The system is applicable to the R&D and performance testing of fuel cell stacks.

Product Advantages

  • Nitrogen purging, circulating water preheating, coolant replishment and gas exhaust, etc.

  • Online adjustable gas inlet pressure, temperature and dew point temperature for cathode and anode.

  • Automatic back pressure function of the gas at the cathode/anode; Cathode/anode gas and cooling water pressure following.

  • Reserved anode connection for hydrogen circulation pump.

  • Adjustable test step & each protection variable.

  • Data recording and analysis capacities.

  • Electronic loads with wide range of voltages and currents, multiple operating modes: CV, CC, CP, etc.

  • Double safety protection: hardware & software, with customizable alarm values.

  • Dual operation mode: Manual/Auto, supports long periods unattended work.

  • Online hydrogen leak alarm and online insulation detection.

  • Hydrogen safety discharge channel: timely discharge in case of high hydrogen pressure due to failure of the pressure reducing valve.

  • Laboratory safety linkage function (optional).

Optional Functions

  • Gas mix function of anode or cathode

  • Quick dew point function

  • Hydrogen circulation function

  • Estimation of water produced during stack operation

  • Hydrogen concentration detection in exhaust gas

  • Quick back pressure function

  • AC impedance test

  • Electrochemical test function

  • Subzero startup performance test solution


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